Unveiling Shipment Processes

Unveiling Shipment Processes: A User and Freight Forwarder Perspective
In today’s globalized world, efficient shipment management is essential for businesses and individuals alike. From booking to completion, the journey of a shipment involves multiple steps and stakeholders. Let’s explore how vendors and users navigate these processes to streamline operations and ensure customer satisfaction.

User Side:
Booked: Once booked, the user receives a notification confirming the booking and awaits further updates.
Hand Over: At the “Hand Over” stage, the user tracks milestone and invoice details filled by the vendor, ensuring transparency in the shipment process.
In-Transit: Progressing to the “In-Transit” stage, the user views updated milestone and invoice details, signifying the shipment’s movement towards its destination.
Completed: The final “Completed” stage is reached when all details, including completion and payment dates, are filled out by the vendor. This indicates successful delivery and concludes the shipment process from the user’s perspective.
Freight Forwarder Side:
Booked: Once moved to the “Booked” stage. The vendor receives a notification and proceeds to fill out necessary forms as per the post request.
Hand Over: In the “Hand Over” stage, the vendor fills out milestone and invoice details, including crucial information such as booking and cargo received. This marks readiness for the next phase.
In-Transit: Once milestone and invoice details are completed, including custom docs and departure/arrival dates, the shipment progresses to the “In-Transit” stage. Further invoice details are updated, indicating progress.
Completed: The final stage, “Completed,” is reached when all necessary details, including completion and payment dates, are filled out by the vendor. This signifies successful fulfillment of the shipment request.

In summary:
Efficient shipment management is a collaborative effort between freight forwader and users, involving meticulous attention to detail at every stage. By understanding the intricacies of the shipment process from both perspectives, businesses and individuals can streamline operations, ensure timely delivery, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.
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